Wednesday, June 16, 2010

H2O floods!

View of the flooding from the second floor of our main building.
In May after weeks of daily, torrential rain, Poland started to flood. It was the worst flood in decades. Poland's main river, the Vistula - that flows from the south of Poland to the Baltic Sea and runs right through many of Poland's major cities - flooded many metropolitan cities and small villages in its path. Thousands were evacuated from their homes. Damages are estimated at $2.5 billion.

The Wisła river overflowed its banks filling our lake.
 Unfortunately, Camp H2O was right on its path, too. Usually the Vistula river is one of H2O's attractive features because it has a 15-mile bike path. In May, however, the river overflowed its banks, covering H2O's pool area with 3' of water and raising the lake 5'. Praise God, the waters did not reach the buildings that we are reconstructing!
The two swimming pools are somewhere down there!

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